ProMik - ICTP2000ICTP2000 is a fully automated Flash/IC-Test Station for standalone use or integrated in the production environment. Combine In-Circuit Test, Flashing and Functional Test in one small footprint system, either integrated in your production line of off-line in a test-flash cell.








 ICTP2000 Overview

  • Handing system for parallel PCB testing and flashing
  • Easy SMT line integration with various interfaces
  • Flash-TASK ™ control software provides software interfaces to MES software, ITAC software, barcode scanner interfaces
  • Operator control panel for all handler options
  • Double sided probing and two stage fixture
  • Integrated test interface with automated locking mechanism
  • Linear drive gantry technology for automated contact precising
  • Automatic width adjustment
  • Maximum panel size:
  • Compact dimensions: 71x83x169cm (LxWxH)
  • Standards: SMEMA standard

For more details click here ICTP2000.pdf

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