Portable Multi Standard Programmer - MSP2100-Portable

ProMik - MSP2100-Portable





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  • Light-weighted programming system with compact dimensions
  • Multi Standard Programmer with configurable I/Os supporting multiple Very High Speed interfaces (BDM, JTAG, SPI, SCI, I2C...) with individual ground return lines for each signal
  • All automotive interface standards available
  • Dedicated connectors for CAN, LIN and BroadR-Reach
  • Scalable system for parallel programming
  • Integrated 3.5A target power supply
  • Two operation modes
       Mode 1: Autarkic usage controlled by operator via Touchscreen
       Mode 2: Controlled by Host-PC via Ethernet
  • USB 2.0 High Speed interface
  • Onboard SD-Card slot
  • Intelligent communication techniques exploiting the physical minimum programming time of a single flash cell - ProMik PFSP Technology
  • Integrated Operating system enabling high efficient file handling
  • Avoids likely influences on programming quality and reliability during reflow soldering and x-ray inspection
  • ProMik proprietary Boot-Loader available for fastest programming via CAN- and BroadR-Reach protocol optimization
  • FlashTASK compatible job files with Easy-to-Use graphical user interface for operators
  • Portable use at Tier1's production line, in the car line or in the field

ProMik at your disposal!

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