Semi-automated Programming Station
for standalone use or integrated in the production environment

ProMik - SAP2100The SAP2100 system represents the next generation of production equipment. It is qualified for any kind of on-board programming in high volume production.

Based on standard building blocks in terms of software, hardware and mechanics it provides state-of-the-art technology and considers current and future needs of modern electronic module manufacturing. The modular concept allows comprehensive adaptation to individual production processes and easy system upgrades anytime. Based on the MSP2100NET programming unit the SAP2100 system reaches highest programming speed and supports mixed-mode parallel programming via its connectors all known programming interfaces and bus systems.

Standard-type fixtures up to very complex, high precision and rigid-pin fixtures are available to run smallest dimension, multi-nest application panels. In operation it ensures easy system set-up, save and simple administrator & operator handling, flexible connection to client’s MES system for data exchange, traceability and storage.


  • Integrated semi-automated programming system for on-board parallel programming
  • Ergonomic workbench with adjustable equipment rack
  • Up to 3 19’’ racks with up to 30 programming modules
  • Full parallel programming of up to 200 targets
  • Based on MSP2100NET technology with integrated high- performance power supply
  • Supports programming of single PCB’s, multi-use panels, semi- assembled or fully housed modules and also mix-mode usage
  • Bus programming via CAN, LIN, BroadR-Reach
  • Industrial PC for comprehensive system control, Windows© OS, 17’’ TFT Monitor, keyboard with integrated mouse
  • FlashTask GUI, graphical operator- and administrator user interface with full customer MES integration
  • Robust and durable housing
  • Compact dimensions
  • Several Poka Yoke options for safe and reliable high volume operating

For more information see SAP2100 Specifications

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