ProMik - Winp_onlineNETWinp_onlineNET software has been designed for your production environment. It is DLL based and optimized for easy process integration.  Winp_onlineNET provides you with an API (application programmer interface) allowing you to call individual programming functions.  Winp_online can be easily integrated into NI LabVIEW, TestStand or similar products.



  • Winp_onlineNET includes a menu guided environment to execute all DLL functions for rapid testing of your Flash application
  • Application development system includes comprehensive device specific example library
  • Detailed documentation with various executable application examples
  • Clear text error messaging for rapid and easy analysis
  • Powerful functions for unique serialization numbering
  • Margin Verify to ensure maximum data retention
  • Continuous voltage monitoring during programming process
  • Configurable watchdog trigger functions for your target application, e.g. 
     - Square wave 
     - Low / high signal
     - Via SPI protocol 
  • Multi threaded windows DLL
  • Designed for use in parallel programming applications
  • Microsoft and Borland C/C++ Win32 libraries available
  • DLL with COM-interface for Visual Basic applications
  • Available also as customized versions
  • Device specific options
     - IFR register
     - Unique controller specific checksum build from IFR register for seamless traceability
     - RC oscillator trimming +/- 1%
     - Device identification


For more details click here Winp_onlineNET.pdf

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