ProMik - WinStarNETWinStarNET software is perfectly suited for your development department and single site flash stations. WinStarNET is menu driven and focuses on the requirements of the development environment. It includes a file merge tool to enable the development engineer to rapidly create programming files from multiple sources with its unique user menu. It conveniently merges different file formats and maps the content into the device specific memory map.


  • Windows based software for single-site programming systems
  • Menu guided set-up and intuitive use
  • Complete control of all microcontroller specific options
  • Merge multiple files into one programming file
  • Manages Flash and EEPROM data in one file
  • Handles any combination of file formats
  • Margin Verify to ensure maximum data retention
  • Continuous voltage monitoring during programming process
  • Configurable watchdog trigger functions for your target application, e.g.
     - Square wave
     - Low / high signal
     - Via SPI protocol
  • Memory edit function in the Flash and EEPROM area
  • Select from different options to present the Flash and EEPROM data
  • Advanced disassemble function
  • Device specific options
     - IFR register
     - Unique controller specific checksum build from IFR register
     - RC oscillator trimming +/- 1%
     - Device identification


For more details click here WinStarNET.pdf

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