ProMik’s PA2012 represents a new class of automated programming and handling technology.
The proprietary programming, handling technology combined with the integrated system control
software ensures top quality, no human influence or intervention, and 100% traceability.

ProMik’s trusted solutions are used by industry-leading electronics manufacturing companies who
rely on ProMik’s programming technology, to flash and test reliably in their production environment.

ProMik - PA2012

 ProMik Programming Services

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ProMik’s FlashTASK system control software integrates all set-up steps required to create verification
samples, interface seamlessly with the production software and provide 100% traceability for each
individual device, job lot, or shipment.

  • Fully integrated production process: programming, lead inspection,
    tape & reel 
  • Proprietary automated handler, programmer and algorithms
  • Optimized communication for high-speed and margin verify algorithms for
    quality programming
  • Vision inspection for 2D-Colinearity and 3D-Coplanarity
  • 100% traceability over your product life cycle, down to the device ID level
  • Optional test functions, e.g. 
     - Memory test
     - Application parameters
     - Oscillator trimming
     - Customer / application specific serialization algorithm
    Laser Marking
  • Solid state laser for easy to read type-face
  • Mechanical contact will not wear-out marking
  • Marking not interfere with vacuum picking of devices
  • Heat resistant

    Tape & Reel  
  • Vision-controlled device placement in tape, check for pin orientation,
    empty socket, pocket size check
  • Inspection for 2D-Colinearity and 3D-Coplanarity  
  • In accordance to EIA481 standards 
  • Vacuum dry packaging

     Other Services
  • Standalone tape & reel services for not programmed IC’s
  • Lead inspection
  • Laser


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