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ProMik has started actions to launch operations in the U.S.A.


Valued Customers,

With sincere thanks to our worldwide customer base we are proudly reporting a very strong year-on-year growth of businesses generated by Flash programming systems and components for in-line and off-line solutions. Through its standardized building blocks in terms of software, hardware, mechanics and undivided commitment to requested custom tailored solutions, ProMik has set standards that are widely adopted by the industry, namely the automotive industry.

Based on existing significant businesses in the Americas and the outlook for further growth at strong pace ProMik has decided to open up operations in the U.S.A.. Actions have been set in motion to establish a ProMik subsidiary with full operation in the first half of 2015. This subsidiary is targeted to further enhance our services to our customers in the Americas region. It includes Sales force, Engineering force as well as technical support for installation, maintenance and other services as necessary.

Our qualified representative for Mexico, Tamuse Systems,, provides profound technical & sales support and should be your primary contact in that region for ProMik. In continuing strong team approach with this partner we are convinced to set the approriate prerequisites for further business growth and for continuing excellent support within the time zone of our very much valued customers in the Americas.

Please stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated on completion of this exciting endeavour.

Winfried Rosenberger & Team


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