In today’s automotive industry, intelligent and highly integrated Flash microcontrollers are being
implemented at an increasing rate to provide major advancements in vehicle operating efficiency,
safety, and passenger comfort.

Vehicle manufactures around the world, automotive suppliers, and the contract manufacturing
companies who serve the industry, are driving the technology revolution and require partners
who are committed to quality processes, who have a deep understanding of the market
requirements, and who also invest in advancing their technical capabilities.

ProMik offers a complete range of compatible solutions for the automotive industry from R&D,
prototyping, NPI, volume production, flashing and testing of programmable devices, PCBs,
and fully assembled ECUs (electronic control units).

ProMik’s core competencies include:

  • Deep understanding of programmable microcontroller implementation
  • Custom boot loaders and application integration development
  • Intimate knowledge of automotive production and test requirements
  • A full range of trusted hardware and software solutions
  • Flexible solutions for all production environments
  • Compliance with industry quality standards (ISO 9000, ISO/TS 16949)


Given our customers’ unique product design and production requirements, ProMik’s solutions are
built on proven and reliable technology, and can also be tailored to individual customer situations. 
The automotive industry demands full traceability throughout the product life cycle. 
ProMik’s proprietary technology retains the unique device information from each microcontroller
flashing application and ensures seamless traceability.  ProMik’s application integration service team
makes flash programming and test a fully integrated step in the development and production process
while also providing critical performance statistics to the internal supply chain.

ProMik at your disposal!

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