In Industrial Automation, ProMik specializes in flashing, testing and configuration management of
ECU’s and has established itself as a technology leader supporting a wide range of programmable
microcontrollers from the leading chip manufacturers.

Our Industrial Automation solutions follow the "open architecture" concept to promote versatile modules
with easy integration. ProMik’s solutions support a variety of microcontroller applications, such as in
sensors, safety, white goods and appliances, pumps, motors, building automation, environmental and
facility management systems, and factory automation.

ProMik’s core competencies include:

  • A deep understanding of programmable microcontroller implementation
  • Custom boot loaders and application integration development
  • Intimate knowledge of production and test requirements
  • A full range of trusted hardware and software solutions
  • Flexible solutions for all production environments
  • Compliance with industry quality standards (ISO 9001, IS0/TS 16949, ISO 14001)

ProMik has a long record of close collaboration with the leading manufacturers of 32-bit, 16-bit,
and 8-bit devices.  ProMik’s significant knowledge of microcontroller architecture results in flashing
and testing solutions that are not available from other providers.

ProMik solutions enable electronics manufacturers to operate with greater productivity and streamlined
efficiency. We provide our customers with turn-key solutions to flash and test PCB’s, single or panelled,
and complete ECU modules. Our turn-key hardware and software solutions are fully integrated in the
customer environment, are easy to use, and provide application interfaces to ERP and MES systems for
complete traceability throughout the supply chain.

ProMik at your disposal!

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