Welcome of our dear Customers & Visitors to ProMik’s new home page

Thank you very much for your interest to visit our newly designed home page that offers a wealth of products, services and information.

ProMik, a leading supplier of Flash programming hardware and software, related engineering services and device programming services has kept focus on these core businesses since more than two decades.

Unquestioned success in the industry has been born by passion to excel at engineered on-board, in-line and off-line programming solutions including customized, project specific fixtures. This promises smooth integration into your production environment and shortest production cycle times at highest quality output.
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Calibration Services & Certification

Dear valued customer,

We believe there is a good reason to remind you due calibration services for your Flash programming equipment supported by MSP1000NET, 2000NET, 2100NET.
Knowing that our programming tools and systems do work inconspicuously, reliably and do deliver highest quality output year on year the strongly recommended annual calibration services may be overlooked.
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