Cypress 3.0 is our plan to target markets growing faster than the broader semiconductor industry with embedded systems solutions: combinations of MCUs, wireless connectivity, analog, USB and memory products plus the software to enable them to work together flawlessly. Current popular device is the Traveo II Family used in display driven applications.

S26K HyperFlash

The Cypress HyperFlash NOR Flash Memory product family offers a 166-MHz DDR mode providing a read bandwidth of up to 333-MBps by using the DDR (Dual Data Rate) principle. A small 48 mm², 24 ball package is used with the same footprint as Quad SPI and Dual-Quad SPI devices. On-chip ECC is included. For automotive requirements, an extended operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C is available. The S26KSxS/S26KLxS product family also offers AEC-Q100 qualification. ProMikis working with the JTAG interface to connect to the MCU. Both connectors of the programmer are used for simultaneously flashing.

S6J3xx Traveo

The Traveo family expands the company’s automotive applications, scalability and high performance into one line-up and at the same time adds new features to fulfill the latest requirements of the automotive industry. Based on the powerful Arm® Cortex®- R5F core in single operations, it offers state-of-the-art real time performance, safety and security features. The family supports the latest in-car networks and offers high performance graphics engines optimized for a minimum memory footprint and embeds dedicated features to increase data security in the car. ProMik provides one solution for programming both memory regions, the main and the workflash by connecting to the JTAG interface.


The Cypress FS-S Family devices are Flash non-volatile memory products using:

  • MirrorBit technology – that stores two data bits in each     memory array transistor
  • Eclipse architecture – that dramatically improves program and erase performance
  • 65 nm process lithography

The FS-S Family products offer high densities coupled with the flexibility and fast performance required by a variety of mobile or embedded applications. They are an excellent solution for systems with limited space, signal connections, and power. They are ideal for code shadowing to RAM, executing code directly (XIP), and storing reprogrammable data.

ProMik programming tools like the MSP family, can use the QSPI interface for high speed flashing.

Semper NOR Flash Memory

Every day, customers rely on vehicles and systems that depend on our NOR flash technology to operate smoothly and prevent accidents. Your safety is our number-one priority, and failure is not an option. That’s why all of our high-density Semper™ NOR flash memory devices exceed automotive quality, functional safety requirements, and are engineered to last.

The Semper NOR Flash Memory Family is Cypress’ newest high-performance, safe, and reliable NOR Flash memory solution that integrates critical safety features for automotive and industrial systems. With Semper NOR Flash Memory, Cypress introduces the industry’s fi­rst ASIL-B compliant and ASIL-D-ready NOR Flash memory.


Cypress offers the industry’s highest performance, most secure, low-pin-count Serial NOR Flash Memory. Our broad portfolio makes it easy to find the ideal solution for your embedded system. The industry standard Quad SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) interface is simple to use and is supported by virtually all modern chipsets.

NOR Flash is the ideal memory for code storage in embedded systems due to its fast random read performance.  This performance also supports XIP (eXecute In Place) functionality which allows host controllers to execute code directly from the NOR Flash Memory without needing to first copy the code to a RAM.  Higher levels of Serial NOR Memory performance have enabled XIP to be used on a wide variety of designs in many applications.

ProMik can offer Cypress customers unique flash programming solutions ,including extensive Device Driver regarding common implemented security features like OTB areas.


CR4 CY9EF226 2D Graphics Arm® Cortex®-R4 MCU CY9EF226 ‘Titan’ is developed as a cost-efficient single-chip solution for hybrid automotive instrument clusters. It is part of Cypress’s scalable line-up for instrument clusters, which covers the range from MCUs for traditional clusters up to 3D graphic SoCs with the capability of driving virtual or free programmable clusters. It offers intelligent support for up to six traditional gauges as well as the 2D graphics engine ‘IRIS’ to drive a color display in the same cluster. Like the other devices of the FCR4 family ‘Titan’ contains the safety, security and power saving features expected by automotive customers. It supports Autosar via the Memory Protection Unit (MPU), a Timing Protection Unit (TPU) and Peripheral Protection Units (PPU). The implemented Secure Hardware Extension (SHE) module set up countermeasures to guard against software manipulation of electronic control units.

Cypress Traveo™ II 32-bit Arm Automotive MCUs

Traveo II for automotive body electronics applications offers cutting-edge performance, safety, and security features. The Traveo II family is designed for cars of the future. With processing power and network connectivity built into a single Arm® Cortex®- M4F and dual Cortex®- M7F, this family of microcontrollers has enhanced performance from 400 DMIPS in Traveo, to 1500 DMIPS in Traveo II. This family also provides the scalability across memory size and pin count. The IP compatibility enables customers to design and develop their system with a single-platform MCU solution. Traveo II devices have advanced security features with the introduction of HSM (Hardware security module), dedicated Cortex®-M0+ for secure processing, and embedded flash in dual bank mode for FOTA requirements. Traveo II features six power modes that enable ECUs to minimize overall power consumption. Our MCUs come with optimized software platform that is available for Cypress AUTOSAR MCAL (Microcontroller Abstraction Layer), self-test libraries, Flash EEPROM emulation, as well as security low level drivers, combined with third-party firmware. As the Traveo II appears more in future applications, ProMik can already support with comprehensive flash programming solutions for production by now.

Cypress Application

Requisites for high performance Flashing

ProMik boot loader in Cypress RAM

  • ProMik developed boot loader for internal and external communication to HyperFlash
  • Communication speed via BUS MEM Hyper-Flash at physical limit
  • JTAG speed at 2Mbit/sec

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