NXP Semiconductors N.V. enables secure connections for a smarter world, advancing solutions that make lives easier, better, and safer. As the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP is driving innovation in the automotive, industrial & IoT, mobile, and communication infrastructure markets. The complete device portfolio is supported by ProMik, starting from devices with PowerPC Architecture up to the latest S32 Automotive devices or i.Mx 8 MCU’s based on ARM.

Long Term Collaboration

The first points of contact with NXP arose from previous business relationships with former Motorola Semiconductors and then Freescale Semiconductors. The partnership was shaped by a joint development of Deep Margin Verify between Motorola/Freescale, automotive OEM and ProMik. Deep Margin Verify was the world’s first technology to ensure the quality of flash programming. So-called bit flips could be avoided by implementing the margin verify function in the flashing process. Due to this unique quality assurance technique, the application was very popular in the automotive sector as well as in industries in which applications of highest quality and long life-cycles are in demand. Today this technology is still used for avoiding data retention problem within the semiconductor industry. With changes in complexity of applications and series production requirements, ProMik applied its deep knowledge of flash programming to a new generation of in-system programming solutions (MSP21xxNet) and on-board programming stations (SAP2100-AUTO) for production.

For detailed information about Deep Margin Verify click here.


S32 MCUs and MPUs for automotive and industrial applications provide an architecture that balances performance and power efficiency. They’re designed to address current and future connectivity, security, and safety challenges. As part of the total solution, we provide a complimentary S32 Design Studio, which includes a full automotive-grade SDK with low-level drivers and ecosystem support. ProMik is well known to be capapble of delivering ultra fast Flash programming solutions the S32 Automotive MCUs as well as for all other devices.

Established by ProMik engineers, the S32K is common device in modern applications. Therefore customised flash programming solutions & systems by ProMik are wide spreaded and implemented in customers production facilities.


NXP’s NCJ29D5 is the first of a new generation of Ultra-Wideband (UWB) ICs designed specifically to meet the connectivity and safety needs of the global automotive industry. It enables a broad range of striking new use cases.

i.MX 6 & 8

The i.MX 6 series of applications processors offers a feature- and performance-scalable multicore platform that includes single-, dual-, and quad-core families based on the Cortex architecture—including Cortex-A9, combined Cortex-A9 + Cortex-M4, and Cortex-A7 based solutions.

The i.MX 8 series of applications processors is a feature- and performance-scalable multicore platform that includes single-, dual-, and quad-core families based on the Arm® Cortex® architecture—including combined Cortex-A72 + Cortex-A53, Cortex-A35, Cortex-M4, and Cortex M7-based solutions for advanced graphics, imaging, machine vision, audio, voice, video, and safety-critical applications. Special property of the i.MX 8 is the inbuilt HW security framework which has to be considered when loading the software in Cortex® Core.


The MPC55xx family, built on Power Architecture™ technology, comprises 32-bit MCU devices designed for engine management, advanced driver assistance, central body, and gateway applications.

ProMik’s Mutli Standard Programmer Familiy MSP21xxNET connect via any available debug and trace interface of this family. For End-of-line programming ProMik tools can easily connect via any Field Bus interface for ultra high speed programming.


The Kinetis KV5x family of MCU is a high-performance solution offering exceptional precision, sensing, and control targeting Motor Control, Industrial Drives and Automation, and Power Conversion. Apart from the high-performance Cortex-M7 core, it features top-notch real-time control peripherals and supporting multi-motor systems. It also comes with multiple communication peripherals including BUS interfaces, optional Ethernet Communications, and multiple UART, SPI, and I2C modules.

S12 & S08

ProMik tools still support this controller family. Contact us for more information for support of the S12 & S08

NFC Controller

NXP NFC Controller are ideally suited for easy integration of NFC technology into cars because it provides an NCI interface, a small PCB footprint, a small external BOM, and the capability to achieve full NFC Forum compliance with a small form-factor antenna.

Programming solution for high speed flashing

  • Parallel Flashing of two NXP NFC Controllers
    • Full parallel programming of 44 PCBs
  • SMART ICT (current & frequency measurement)
    • Run- and sleep-mode current
    • Power consumption in run mode
    • Data transfer of SMART ICT measurement MES

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