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Exceeding customers’ expectations. Uncompromised quality.

It is our mission at ProMik to exceed our customer requirements in each of the services and systems we provide.

Quality starts with communication, understanding and capturing our customer requirements and in adding value. Each customer application is unique. We leverage our over fifteen year expertise in providing programming services and logistics for the automotive industry to provide uncompromised value to our customers.

ProMik’s provides with its proprietary handling and programming technology a fully integrated process:
programming, lead inspection, tape & reel. Programming services of highest quality ranging from, logistic support, 100% device traceability, fully automated device handling, best in the market lead inspection methods (3D-Coplanarity and 2D-Colinearity), laser marking, advanced flash algorithms (e.g. margin verify).

Of further advantage to our customers is ProMik’s in-house engineering expertise. Competent answers directly from the source.

Programming Services

ProMik’s PA2012 represents a new class of automated programming and handling technology. The proprietary programming, handling technology combined with the integrated system control software ensures top quality, no human influence or intervention, and 100% traceability.

ProMik’s trusted solutions are used by industry-leading electronics manufacturing companies who rely on ProMik’s programming technology, to flash and test reliably in their production environment.

ProMik Programming Services

ProMik’s FlashTASK system control software integrates all set-up steps required to create verification samples, interface seamlessly with the production software and provide 100% traceability for each individual device, job lot, or shipment.

  • Fully integrated production process: programming, lead inspection,
    tape & reel Proprietary automated handler, programmer and algorithms
  • Optimized communication for high-speed and margin verify algorithms for
    quality programming Vision inspection for 2D-Colinearity and 3D-Coplanarity
  • 100% traceability over your product life cycle, down to the device ID level
  • Optional test functions, e.g.
    – Memory test
    – Application parameters
    – Oscillator trimming
    – Customer / application specific serialization algorithmLaser Marking
  • Solid state laser for easy to read type-face
  • Mechanical contact will not wear-out marking
  • Marking not interfere with vacuum picking of devices
  • Heat resistantTape & Reel
  • Vision-controlled device placement in tape, check for pin orientation, empty socket, pocket size check
  • Inspection for 2D-Colinearity and 3D-Coplanarity
  • In accordance to EIA481 standards
  • Vacuum dry packagingOther Services
  • Standalone tape & reel services for not programmed IC’s
  • Lead inspection
  • Laser

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Logistics Services

ProMik offers flexible business models, customized logistics concepts and 100 % transparency in consignment warehouse partnering with our customers to meet their delivery and location requirements.

  • Customer dialog – we listen and understand your unique situation
  • We develop customized logistics concepts supporting:
    • Flexibility
    • Reliability
    • Traceability
  • Our unique device verification process addresses all requirements
  • Application specific serial numbers can be incorporated during flashing
  • Seamless traceability in our database and with 1D / 2D barcodes on each package and shipment
  • Short response time and turnaround time – designed to meet your production demand
  • We offer ship-to-line and just-in-time shipments to meet you production schedule