Founded in 1995, ProMik has a long record of providing cost-effective tools for supporting programmable microcontrollers. Since its early beginnings, the ProMik management team has always worked closely with the leading manufacturers of microcontrollers.

From the early design-in steps through production ProMik offers a range of automated and manual solutions that simplify your flashing and testing requirements.

ProMik is also unique because of the company’s unmatched passion for customer success. The benefit of utilizing ProMik solutions is to raise the competitive edge of our customers.

  • Flash programming experts since 1995
  • Embedded application analysis
  • High-Speed programming strategies
  • Modular Plug&Play systems for production
  • Customized MES implementation
  • World’s most efficient flash programming solutions

What we do

ProMik is committed to providing trusted solutions with maximum value, highest quality, system reliability, and 100 % traceability. The rigorous adherence to customer and industry standards is a central operating process at ProMik.  The company is fully ISO 9001 qualified and has received the highest quality certifications available from the semiconductor manufacturers.

Company Profile

ProMik provides complete application solutions for configuring, flashing, and testing of electronic components, assembled PCB’s and complete electronic control units (ECU) that deliver high quality and cost-effective benefits for the automotive and industrial automation industries. Since the beginning of the company in 1995, ProMik has consistently delivered innovative technology for configuration management and traceability that protects the complete electronics product value-add chain from the development environment through production.

Central to ProMik’s business mission is providing significant business value by way of meeting the application requirements, continuous customer contact to ensure ease of integration into the customer’s environment as well as providing a path for continuous improvement. ProMik’s solutions values are demonstrated by enabling our customers to increase their competitive position in their respective markets.

Examples of ProMik’s commitment to industry standards are demonstrated in the company’s ISO 9001 certification and Level A approval from Freescale. Such adherence to standards provides ProMik customers with confidence in the utilization of ProMik system solutions.

ProMik’s core competencies include:

  • A deep knowledge of programmable microcontroller, memory, and FPGA architectures that produces efficient programming and testing of individual ICs, assembled PCBs, or complete ECUs.
  • Effective software tools ranging from boot loaders to cell margin verification
  • Integration of automated systems for end-of-line applications
  • Configuration management and traceability in protecting customers intellectual property
  • Flexibility in adapting system solutions to unique customer requirements
  • Application and development consulting